Over the last few years both Connect Europ and the Bayerischer Jugendring (our German partner organisation for the twelve week school placements programme) have received fairly regular enquiries from German families about the possibility of a one school year placement programme.

We have discussed this, and Connect Europ has now decided to run such a programme, on a trial basis, for the next few years, starting with the 2015/16 school year. We have therefore approached a number of UK schools, some of which have expressed an interest in one year placements. The area covered by our placement programmes, is quite large and covers most of Northern England and Southern Scotland. Please see our MAP for further information.

You should note however that British schools, find it easiest to place foreign pupils in what is known as Lower Sixth Form (ages 16-17) so it has been decided to initially restrict applications for one year placements to this age group. The qualifying criteria would therefore be that the applicant was aged 16 on or before the 1st September in the year of study.

The second set of dates for our one year placements are therefore 23rd September 2016 – 20th July 2017 and the closing date for applications will be the 1st May 2016, and as with our other placement programme, participants will stay with carefully selected Host Families and attend schools nearby on a full-time basis, following a normal Sixth Form programme.  Connect Europ will also maintain contact with their school, their host family and the individual participants throughout the placement in order to provide any extra information or support required.


Please download and print the first part of our Application Form and then return to Connect Europ (PLEASE NOTE that the BJR is not involved with this programme) either by post or e-mail (see CONNECT) and at the same time register for our Website (at the top right hand corner of our Home Page).

Once we have received this initial Application Form, we will then Authorise your Website registration and you will then be able to access the full How to Apply page on the website. Please note you will not be able to see the full details for this programme and the remainder of the Application forms access the other parts of our application procedure until you are registered on our website.
If for some reason, you are unable to do this, please send your details by e-mail or post and we will send everything directly to the address you give.