For the past twenty years, Connect Europ has organised twelve-week placements for English speaking, German school children in UK schools.   This programme has enabled hundreds of young Germans staying with carefully selected host families scattered throughout the North of England and Southern Scotland, and a large number of different schools and host families, to benefit from a unique intercultural experience, as well as enabling many close international friendships and family to family exchanges.

Living with a British family for three months and attending a local school as a full-time pupil, participants follow the normal curriculum, including on occasions taking tests and examinations, whilst working completely in English.  This has proved to be an excellent way of perfecting participants’ spoken and written English as well as giving a meaningful insight into UK education and culture. Students have on a number of past occasions continued on to further study in this country, and at least three have carried on to acquire UK university degrees. The benefits are not simply one sided, however, as a number of schools have now successfully used these contacts to help them achieve ‘international school’ status; and as one Deputy Head teacher recently put it “situated as we are in a quiet part of rural Cumbria, we see our involvement in this programme as an important means of raising our pupils’ awareness of the wider world, its differences and its many opportunities”.

Currently, this programme is offered in partnership with the BAYERISCHER JUGENDRING (BJR), who run this and a number of similar international programmes on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Education.  German school children between 14 and 17 years of age can apply for this programme, which operates each Spring and Autumn, and if successful, they are allowed official leave of absence from their own schools on condition that they attend a UK school on a full-time basis.  This programme is not a two-way exchange, as reciprocity is almost impossible to arrange – instead, this is a non-commercial, educationally based programme with costs covered by the individual German parents.

To Apply for this Programme

Applications for this programme are currently made through the BJR  who then forward these to Connect Europ.  However, on some occasions it has been possible to include individual school students from other parts of Germany, or other countries, in the programme. Connect Europ also coordinate one-year placements and other UK-based programmes, so if interested please contact us direct with any further questions.