School Linking/Partner Finding

Through our school placement programmes and close cooperation with the Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR), Connect Europ enjoys close links with many schools in the UK and Germany. Our twelve week pupil placement programme, for example, involves schools throughout the North of England and Southern Scotland, placing German school pupils drawn from schools throughout Bavaria.

We are now therefore offering a free school linking service, together with the BJR, to supplement those already offered by the Erasmus+ programme (See E-Twinning and The School Education Gateway). Any schools wishing to make use of this should send a short notice giving details of what they are looking for, together with contact details to either Connect Europ, or the BJR. These requests will therefore be published for a few months on our respective websites.

Recent requests received:

Date Received From School Details
10/3/2015 Adam-Kraft-Gymnasium-Schwabach See further information
12/3/2015 Willibald-Gymnasium-Eichstätt See further information
 18/3/2015  Carl-Friedrich_Gauss-Gymnasium- Schwandorf See further information
 18/3/2015 Gymnasium Hohenschwangau  See further information
 27/3/2015  Gymnasium Steigerwald-Landschulheim  See further information



Date Received From School Details